Twilight Zone Title Poems


Today there was a Hangout to say hello and meet the Mr. Groom. It was awesome to see the good folks there. Scott Lockman from way over Saudi way and the Mr. Woodward from right there in Virginia. I was calling in from Arizona and I see that I missed GNA from Chicago. There were a couple students and some questions were asked. As usual, Mr. Groom did all the talking. It was nice to sit around the humming monitor and meet these good people.
Mr. Groom was talking about who this amazing piece of technology was going to work. Then, as if on cue, he said, “Crap, it usually works!” I drifted out and was wandering around making things up. I dreamt of an assignment (based on the old Make a Poem from a Playlist) that asked me to make a poem out of Twilight Zone episode titles. Fun right? You can make one too! Right here! Make sure to tag it WritingAssignments, WritingAssignments1071

I discovered a playlist on YouTube with 62 episodes. I am at work so I can’t watch them all. I am only on episode 31. But here they are.

So I found all 5 seasons of the original titles and placed them on a text document. I was ready to make the poem. But, there are so many titles I could not really write the poem at the top or the bottom of the page without oodles of scrolling. So I ended up with the titles in one window on half my screen and the poem on the other half of the screen. Here is what I got.

Come Wander With Me, Ring-A-Ding Girl
Living Doll, Little Girl Lost
What You Need
The Big Tall Wish
The Midnight Sun
Long Distance Call
The Silence. Shadow Play. The Whole Truth
Once Upon A Time. Person Or Persons Unknown. Young Man’s Fancy
You Drive
The Lonely, The Man In The Bottle

I wondered if I could write complete sentences with the titles. Or place them together without spaces or comas. So I did. Here they are.

The After Hours Twenty-Two, Back There Dust
A Nice Place To Visit Nightmare As A Child A Stop At Willoughby
The Lateness Of The Hour Nick Of Time Time Enough At Last

Here is a link to the titles in a .doc file for easy management.

5 thoughts on “Twilight Zone Title Poems

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  4. Adeyinka Tella

    Mid Night Call

    So I staggered towards the gate
    with my sleepy eyes
    footing with flip flop on

    to answer to a call in midst of
    the days dark times
    when she called like the ghost
    forgotten after wean

    reaching the gate as I pull open
    she stood like a forgotten apparition
    with a male spook in white top with black below

    that was the mid night call from
    the friendly ghost called the
    silent workers of good iniquities.


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